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Since the Lapham Group's inception over 20 years ago, the firm's business model has been specifically structured to provide its clients with the highest quality candidates within an accelerated time frame. As a boutique, the firm develops and maintains highly successful long term client relationships with a limited number of insurance and diversified financial services clients on a global basis. As a result, the firm is able to access virtually the entire industry and/or geographic region for premier talent without the extensive client "off-limits" and candidate conflicts inherent in the business model of the larger search firms forced by their size to conduct extensive numbers of searches in each industry, function and geographic region. 

The Lapham Group's boutique size also allows the firm to be research driven to ensure that the client is presented with highly successful candidates not actively seeking new employment. The firm utilizes an in-house research capability that is highly customized and focused to include up to date organizational breakdowns of all companies within the industries and regions targeted for each specific search engagement. This research driven approach is in contrast to the larger search firms, which due to extensive client "off-limits" (as well as in-house competition/conflicts due to candidates "reserved" for other searches) are forced to rely on a small pool of inferior, outdated and recycled candidate prospects. 

As a boutique, The Lapham Group's partners work hands-on to include direct involvement in every aspect of the search process. This is in contrast to the larger search firms that pass of the candidate development process to multiple, low level staff members. 

As detailed above, The Lapham Group's business model has proven essential to a successful, retained search process and provides a tremendous advantage to its clients in both quality of candidates and dramatically reduced time to complete a search.

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